: Notable dates on the WASH Calendar for 2024

Embarking on a journey through the world of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) unveils a tapestry of vital advocacy, groundbreaking meetings, and noteworthy events that shape the global landscape of clean water access and sanitation initiatives. For WASH professionals, enthusiasts, and those deeply committed to advancing sustainable development, having a comprehensive list of the year’s crucial events is indispensable.

We present a panoramic view of the WASH calendar—your go-to resource for all the pivotal moments and milestones in the field. Whether you are spearheading WASH programs, contributing to transformative projects, or simply seeking to stay abreast of international objectives, this list is your compass through the significant dates that define the WASH narrative.

Mark your calendar for dates that resonate with the objectives of WASH programs and projects. Stay informed, inspired, and connected to the heartbeat of the global WASH community with our meticulously curated list of international, notable events throughout the year. Let’s journey together toward a world where clean water, sanitation, and hygiene are accessible to all.

January –  March 2024

  1. World Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD) Day – January 30th
  2. World Cancer Day – February 4th
  3. World Day Of The Sick – February 11th
  4. World Water Day –  March 22.     https://www.un.org/en/observances/water-day
  5. World Meteorological Day – March 23rd
  6. World Tuberculosis Day – March 24th
  7. World No-Tobacco Day – May 31st

April 2024 –   June 2024

  1. World Health Day – April 7th
  2. World Haemophilia Day – April 17th
  3. World Immunization Week – April 24th-30th
  4. World Malaria Day – April 25th
  5. World Day for safety and Health at Work – April 28th
  6. World No-Tobacco Day – May 31st
  7. World Environment Day – June 5th
  8. World Food Safety Day – June 7th
  9. World Brain Tumor Day – June 8th
  10. Global Wellness Day – June 11th
  11. World Blood Donor Day – June 14th
  12. World Sickle Cell Awareness Day – June 19th
  13. International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking – June 26th
  14. World Diabetes Day – June 27th
  15. World Zoonoses Day – July 6th

July 2024 – September 2024

  1. Nelson Mandela International Day – July 18th
  2. World Hepatitis Day – July 28th
  3. World Patient Safety Day – September 17th
  4. World Environmental Health Day – September 26th

October 2024 – December 2024

  1. World Mental Health Day – October 10th
  2. Global Handwashing Day – October 15th   https://globalhandwashing.org/global-handwashing-day/
  3. World Evidence- Based Healthcare Day – October 20th
  4. World Immunization Day – November 10th
  5. World Antibiotics Awareness Week – November 18th – 24th
  6. World Sanitation Day – November 19th
  7. World Toilet Day – November 19th     By World Toilet Organization https://worldtoilet.org/  ( https://www.unwater.org/about-un-water)
  8. World AIDS Day – December 1st
  9. Uníversal Health Coverage Day – December 12th