Menstrual hygiene is an issue that women everywhere must contend with, yet it remains one of the most taboo subjects on a global level. The stigma associated with this natural process can lead to misinformation, unhygienic practises, and a lack of access to the necessary products. This is particularly true for those who are less fortunate, and cannot afford menstrual products.

In honour of Menstrual Hygiene Day, Hope Spring collaborated with SuS Pads and the Centre for Adolescent and Social Development to hold a menstrual hygiene and reusable pad instructional workshop for secondary school girls at Junior Secondary School Girls in Kabusa, Abuja. The aim was to educate young women on sustainable solutions to maintain their health and privacy during menstruation.

Thanks to Hope Spring eCard, a web-based platform for sending salutations and wishes to your closest people, we were able to conduct a reusable pad workshop as well as menstrual hygiene management training.

At the workshop, the girls were shown how to construct reusable pads from organic materials. They were given comprehensive instructions, teaching them exactly how to cut and sew the pads. This valuable knowledge would help the young participants create useful products for personal use and to provide for others. Additionally, they were educated on the importance of menstrual hygiene, provided with a range of menstrual product options, and warned about the risks of using unsafe supplies.

The girls were educated on proper maintenance of their reusable pads, which can last for up to five years if cared for correctly. Dr. Fatima Odusote from the Centre for Adolescent and Social Development went into detail regarding periods, the menstrual cycle, and hygiene. She highlighted the importance of wearing clean undergarments and sanitary products to avoid any health issues.

The training workshop was open to all, with boys and girls encouraged to participate. It is essential for both men and women to be involved in the dialogue about menstruation and menstrual hygiene. Not only does this lead to increased understanding and empathy of the experience of both genders, but going further, it breaks down stigmas preventing gender equality within society. Through attending, boys were granted a better insight into the menstrual cycle, the hurdles faced by women each month, and how their support helps make life easier for them.

Each participant was presented with a menstrual kit bag. This was aimed at incentivizing optimal menstrual health and ensuring that girls are able to effectively manage their periods in a secure and dignified manner.

Bolu Olorunfemi, Hope Spring’s representative for Menstrual Hygiene Day, highlighted the importance of menstrual hygiene management: “It is essential that women have access to proper resources in order to maintain their physical, emotional, and social well-being. Educating girls on this matter and providing them with adequate supplies gives them the power to make decisions about their bodies and break out of the societal stigma revolving around periods.”

Menstruation and menstrual hygiene education are essential components of having a healthy life. Knowing about the menstrual cycle and how to take care of oneself during this time is integral for every woman. Understanding the importance of using the right products, keeping clean, and staying safe are key elements to living well.

The reusable pad training workshop was a triumphant event. Through teaching young girls how to make the pads, we hoped to both promote sustainable menstruation and provide an accessible solution to period poverty. Additionally, it strived to shatter the menstrual stigma and raise awareness for menstrual education, giving its participants valuable skills as well as increased empowerment.

Menstrual hygiene is an increasingly pressing concern that calls for prompt action. Hope Spring and SuS Pads have joined forces to address period poverty and support sustainable menstrual practises through education and resources. The workshop at JSS Kabusa, Abuja, was a fundamental development in giving underprivileged girls and women the tools to securely handle their menstrual health and dignity in a sustainable manner. We are passionate about ensuring proper menstrual health practises for girls and women everywhere; join us in this cause! By joining forces, we can successfully break down the menstrual taboo and foster good menstrual health habits all around.

We firmly uphold that menstrual hygiene is a fundamental right, and no girl should miss out on school due to an inability to access related products. Hope Spring and SuS Pads are dedicated to strengthening girls’ circumstances by providing them the necessary guidance and resources needed to manage their periods in a sustainable manner.

We cannot reach our vision of a world where menstruation doesn’t limit education and success without your support. That is why we are asking for your help: join forces with us and become a sponsor for our workshops and training programmes.

By joining forces, we can create lasting, positive changes in the lives of young girls and women around the globe. Your support will bring reusable pads, menstrual kits, training sessions, and educational resources to those who require them the most. Sign up now and be part of this movement that intends to end the cycle of period poverty. Connect with us to learn more about collaboration possibilities and how you can contribute. Let’s work together to guarantee every girl has access to menstrual hygiene materials and information; no one gets left out. Let’s empower women everywhere, one period at a time.